Staff In The Spotlight

Deborah Corcoran began her career at the CSP in February 2021 while she was a full-time Cancer Registry Management student through the online program at the University of Cincinnati. She was able to gain experience in registry operations and participate in the first virtual student practicum offered by CSP. In April 2021, she graduated from the CRM program at Cincinnati, Summa Cum Laude with program honors. She then went on to gain her certified tumor registrar status in July 2021. As a Data Collection Specialist, she is involved in casefinding, screening and linkage of E-path reports and assisting with special projects involving MD follow back. Deborah is excited to be working in an environment where continuing education is part of the day-to-day work routine as she feels education is a lifelong endeavor. She hopes to obtain more experience, continue to contribute to the CSP and make her impact in the ever evolving and growing field of cancer surveillance. CSP is proud to have Deborah as part of the team.

Deborah Corcoran, CTR