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Cancer in Los Angeles County: Survival Among Adolescents and Young Adults 1988-2014

Leveraging the large and diverse population of Los Angeles County, this report provides cancer survival probabilities for 18 types of cancer diagnosed among Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) aged 15-39 years old. For each type of cancer, the AYA survival information is analyzed by sex, age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic, and stage of disease at diagnosis. Substantial survival differences are found by these sociodemographic and tumor characteristics. This is the first AYA survival monograph for Los Angeles County. The goal is to provide a better understanding of the effectiveness of cancer treatment and help to identify subgroups of AYAs who are at greatest risk of cancer related death, in order to facilitate the advancement in AYA cancer research.

Cancer in Los Angeles County: Trends Among Adolescents and Young Adults 1988-2011

Individuals interested in age-adjusted cancer statistics and trends in the state of California and its counties—including Los Angeles County—are encouraged to use the California Cancer Registry (CCR) web-based data query system at:

Cancer in Los Angeles County, Trends by Race/Ethnicity, 1976-2012

This report provides physicians, researchers, public health officials and the public with high quality data documenting the trends of many different types of cancer in Los Angeles County over thirty years. These data illustrate considerable differences in cancer incidence between men and women and among various racial/ethnic groups in a way not previously available to our community.

These differences not only identify the types of persons at greater and lesser risk of each cancer but also offer intriguing clues that may lead to better understanding and prevention of cancer.